Two Incredible Inventions In The World Of Tech: Bulletproof Suit And Luminous Ice-Cream

Bulletproof Suit
Garrison Bespoke Toronto Custom Suit Tailors introduced a new "bullet-proof" business suit consisting of three items. This invention was made due to requests got from businessmen being in dangerous situations from time to time. The head of Garrison Bespoke company Michael Nguyen  says that having received requests from VIP clients who travel to dangerous places to work, the company started to develop a lightweight, bulletproof fashion business suit, trying to make it a more stylish alternative to bulky bulletproof vest.
The suit linin is made of several sheets of bullet-proof material (carbon nanotechnological tubes) made by anonymous company engaged in the manufacture and supply of anti-ballistic equipment for the U.S. Army Special Forces.
Patent material of military class is 30 times firmer than steel, thinner and more flexible than 50 percent stronger than Kevlar, traditional material used for bulletproof jackets. As an additional bonus, the suit also protects against stabbing knife wounds, preventing the penetration of the weapon into the body.
The creators claim that the bulletproof suit meets the needs of customers of the highest class, such as wealthy businessmen who find themselves in danger.
During relatively informal testing, bulletproof business suit from Garrison Bespoke was able to stop the 9 mm bullet fired from a Colt gun.
At the same time, Garrison Bespoke announced that all suits in their new line called Town & Country, could be made to be bulletproof. But such suit will not be cheap, the price starts at $ 20,000 CAD (US $ 19,160).
  Many businessmen have already placed orders for bulletproof suits as if they are planning to purchase a sports car which they never drive. These VIP clients simple want to have such an unusual suit!

Luminous Ice-cream
People with sweet tooth and gourmets got a new and unique delicacy. A luminous jellyfish ice cream, served in the British city of Bristol.
The recipe of glowing ice cream belongs to the owner of the local café “Lick Me I'm Delicious”, inventor and businessman Charlie Francis .
One ball of ice cream costs 140 pounds (about $ 220), and it is impossible to reduce this incredibly high price.

In the manufacture of luminous ice cream fluorescent protein taken from jellyfish is used, it costs four times the price of gold.
The ice-cream glows in the dark thank to the calcium-activated protein which shines when contacting with something, or, in other words, the ice-cream glows when we are licking it.
The idea of creating a luminous jellyfish ice cream came to Charlie after reading the scientific research works on jellyfish, and then he asked Chinese scientists to recreate the glowing protein in the lab. The trick lays in the fact that the glow of the protein begins after its response to the pH of your tongue, which is neutral. Human tongue heats protein in ice cream, increasing pH and glowing starts.
Cafe “Lick Me I'm Delicious” has long been known for its experiments on the ice cream – here you can find ice-cream of any taste: beer, cheese, and even meat. Luminous ice-cream is another step in the serious of experiments made by Charlie Francis. Now, Charlie is working on the next incredible ice-cream – invisible one! The inventor does know that it can be impossible as the light is retracted due to ice crystals in the product. Nevertheless, Charlie is not going to give up and promises to find a solution!


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