Tips for Buying New Smartphone in 2014

Here are a few tips for buying a new Smartphone in the year 2014. The tips are all for new phones, but if you are amenable then consider buying a second hand phone. You will save a lot more money and do not forget that new phones become old phones within a year, so if you are buying for the sake of them being new then it is a fleeting glory. Still, if you have your heart set on a new phone then consider some of the buying tips listed below.

Size does not matter anymore

There are now phones that are very small and now that they have done it and made them super small, people have started to figure that they don’t want tiny phones. Sure, having a small dainty one is okay if you are planning to keep it in your bra, but most people want to be able to watch the episode of Family Guy on it without trying to figure out if they are looking at the baby or football.

On the other end of the scale is the phone that has gotten too big. There are tablets and phones that are seven inches (screens) which makes matters a little more confusing. If you are looking for the right size, then the best thing to do is go to the store and hold a few in your hands. Ideally your thumb on your right hand should be able to reach the middle of the screen without straining. That is where most seven inch screen devices let people down. Forget 4G

If you are buying a phone that is fairly new then it is going to tell you it is 4G ready. What they won’t tell you is that communications experts up and down the country say that 4G is still far away. They say that what we have now is barely covering any of America (which is true), and they are also saying that in technical terms what we have in not yet genuine 4G. So, if you are being sold on the idea of having 4G, just give it a miss for a few years.

Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows

Those are your four main operating systems, with possibly a small nibble from Nokia. Those are your four to choose from, and frankly it is anybodies game as to which you choose. Both the Windows and blackberry operating systems have had major upgrades with Windows 8 and BlackBerry Z10. So, the choice is yours because at the moment you cannot get it wrong (there is no wrong answer).

What about the graphical display?

It is true that some phones can make a mess of the display and your phone ends up looking like an old TV set. What sort of numbers should you be looking for? A PPI of over 200 is fine for watching almost anything. If you are planning on watching a nature show on there and you wanted to look the shrimp in the eyes then a PPI of 312 and a 720p HD resolution may be best. Whether you get a HD resolution is up to you, but if you are not planning on watching much TV then there is not much point. Things such as video games are fine with lower resolution. It is only complex pictures such as TV shows and movies that are going to make lower and higher definition more obvious.

The sound of your Smartphone

There are really no guidelines on this because the modern Smartphone has great sound capacity. In the old days the phones sounded like doggy squeak toys in a metal box, but these days even the standard audio quality is better than most.

What about extra features?

An expandable memory is rather nice. If you can bump up your phone to 32GB with just a MicroSD card then that is very good. Things such as GPS should be considered if you are going to use your phone for navigating and in your car as your satellite navigation system. If this is the case then definitely consider getting a phone with GPS. If you already have a sat nav and you know your way around town then there will not be much use of a GPS system on your phone. It will just become a nice novelty.

The amount of RAM on your phone is going to dictate how easily it freezes on you. The more RAM the better, but that may be a drain on your power, so between 500Mb and 1GB is about fine for RAM.


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