How To Login FTP with Host1free VPS

Did you got free virtual private server (VPS) with Host1free.  Read This to how to get free virtual private server. you can use this vps with putty. but too hard to transfer files from putty. so we need to get FTP on that server. but you can't connect FTP with software like filezilla.

but i found a software for SFTP and FTP client for windows.  it's freeware software it's named WinSCP. you can download it here. download newest WinSCP software from their site. (about 4.7mb). after downloading software. install it. and open it. you need to set root password for server first . you can change root password with here. first login to host1free vps account. and go to dashboard. 

 If you not changed root password. type new root password and click change. then go to WinSCP

Choose SFTP as file protocol. and type your vps ip as hostname. type root as username and type root password then click login. if your account correct you can login to vps SFTP like this


Click To Enlarge


 Now you can transfer files between server and your computer very easily. also you can run terminal commands. you can create folders, rename files, delete files, edit files, zip , unzip, move anything with this software.

have a fun. :) comment if it useful
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  1. "so we need to get FTP on that server. but you can't connect FTP with software like filezilla."

    ??? To use FTP client software, you need to install FTP Server daemon on VPS ;) Google proftpd!

  2. this is sftp protocol not ftp ... i think you need to change your post title ... lol ... :v


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